Update Version 1.1

Introducing Better Giveaways.
As requested by our users, We are trying to battle against bots, We present you a new feature – Create Giveaway.
Generate your unique link for your YouTube video and give out the pin at the end of that video, those that watch your content are the only ones who will know this pin. Ask them to follow the link from your video description and fill out the pin. They will receive a code (PAW Code) after completion. They should include their PAW Code along with any other detail in a comment on your video.

Important Details to know

  • Include a unique link in the video description. Comment picker will look for that link to identify the giveaway.
  • Each PAW Code is usable only once. Multiple copies of the same code will be ignored.
  • PAW Codes are bound to a link generated at creation of the giveaway.
  • Comment Picker will identify each comment based on this PAW Code.

If you want to suggest a feature or need to get in contact with us, feel free to email us at [email protected]

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