Update Version 1.4

[1.4.2] Minor update – Fixed few bugs that happened while we were migrating the website over to the new server.

  • Fixed login bug (Code 500).
  • Fixed Email bug.
  • Fixed YouTube 100 comments bug (Thanks Michelle for reporting it).
  • Fixed Instagram VIP bug where comments wouldn’t load.

[1.4.0] New update is here! We have been working hard over the last few months to improve our service for all of you! Hope you like all the new changes we added in the last two updates. We will continue to work hard and if you want to support us, please buy us a coffee for our hard work and get extra perks ^^; thanks!

VIP Membership

VIP Membership for a price of coffee…

  • VIP Membership has been added! Support us with coffee and we’ll give give you special perks. ^^
  • No Ads for VIP Members
  • Unlimited Youtube Comments.
  • Unlimited Instagram Comments.
  • New Instagram Comment Loader for VIPs only.
  • More perks to come!
  • Buy Us A Coffee to unlock VIP.


  • Crypto Currency Filter.
    • Combined Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum into one base filter with sub options.
  • Better Picker has been removed. (Being Reworked for live videos)
  • Mentions Filter (Instagram) set to VIP Only.
  • Custom Filter (Instagram and YouTube) set to VIP Only.


  • VIP Membership has been added.
    • Unlocked by buying us coffee 🙂
  • Members Page. Register here
    • Dashboard Added.
    • History Added.
    • More to follow.
  • Moved to a new server – Faster load speeds!
  • You can now include comment replies for your YouTube Contests and Giveaways.
  • Blog has been added, find it at https://pickawinner.co/blog.
  • News section has been merged with the blog and news route has been retired.
  • Better Picker has been retired – New Better version Coming Soon!
  • Improved stability and optimized code for YouTube comment loading.
  • New Instagram comment loader has been added (VIP)
  • Internal optimizations and software updates.
  • Free tier’s maximum YouTube comments set to 2000 and Instagram comments 150.

Bug Fixes

  • Most Liked Comment Filter bug has been fixed, where the order of most liked comments was being random.
  • Social Icons on home page don’t appear on top of filter popup on mobile devices.

Special Thanks

This section is for contributors and supporters.

  • SpecialGames for suggesting Most Liked Comment Filter and discovering a bug.


Special Place for everyone who donated.

  • There was no donations made 😢

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